One major asset which you have to play with in FV2. They help by providing fertilizer which helps in maximizing your crops and even provide ingredients which are used for making and baking items. A Prized animal can provide you with more rewards compared to other animals. You can additional 1 rewards which you can get from BR-ed animals so it will beneficial for you if you BR your animals as fast as you can.

BR your animals

You can BR your animal by feeding them a fixed number of time. Speed feed can help hasten this process. You just have to feed them twice to earn 3 times the rewards which is very helpful., Every 8 hours you can make speed feed in your feed mill.

Place your animals in a shed

You can place your animal into the shed, chicken coop and other places when it becomes prized. There is a limited amount of room in the animal shed so you would have to manage it well. You would have to balance the amount of feed you give depending on the rewards. You should always choose a ratio which can be beneficial for you.

You can have a difficult time trying to BR an animal which has a good feed to reward ratio especially if your shed if filled with them. You should keep a long term goal of BR-ing all the animals as you can get more rewards from crops which would remain at the same price.

Limited Edition animals give you higher rewards

You can earn slightly higher rewards from Limited Edition animals; you can get them by completing quests and paying real money. You can earn the most rewards from the animals which you can buy using real money but take proper care of your farm. You should plant crops and items which can help you acquire the animals as much as possible.

Get feeding troughs

Acquire feeding troughs and utilize and upgrade them as much as you can. You can achieve bonus rewards by using them and feeding all your animals at once.
You can acquire some limited edition animals like Snow owls, etc by completing quests and they can help you in farming. You should check the requirements to acquire such animals as a limited number of them can be present on your farm. They stay until you perform a chore or plant a specific crop and they will remain there until you use them. You can be missing those which may have left because of shortage of farm space.

It would be advised to keep a combination of farm animals all around the farm. They can provide you with required resources and at any time you can get a surprising quest where you would have to feed a certain animal a fixed number of times.

Use baby bottles for feeding baby squirrels

You would need baby bottles to feed baby animals and nurture them till they grow big. You should request your friend for bottles and you should rear them till they reach their max. You should keep a limited amount of producers of fertilizers, wool and milk. You can earn additional bonuses by running them through the nurseries. You should try keeping your stock of wool as it required for many quests. You should try to keep everything in proportionate on your field.


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