Country Escape like Farmville is very addictive and this quick start strategy guide will help you with detailed images, tricks, strategies, information, tips, hints and cheats how to play your best game.

1Rack up on coins

You are obviously aware that the real world and even Farmville and other free to play games require coins to play. In Farmville 2: Country Escape, your main aim should be to save as much coins as you can. “Farm Orders” board can be a good way to earn coins and experience as you can sell crafted items and harvested crops in exchange for coins. This is the fastest way to earn coins and most upfront way. You can even sell your goods to other farmers and you can even increase your selling price, this will give you more profit from what you can earn from the board. There isn’t an assured sale but there are sufficient players in Farmville 2 so you can earn a satisfying profit.

2Unlock keys to progress

One very important resource which can help you to complete tasks are keys. If you need wheat to grow urgently, or milk a cow, you can get it completed by spending a few keys. They can even help you to reach a higher level faster. You can enjoy playing the game without having keys, but the game will be much more simpler. When you start the playing the game, you can avoid spending keys in the tutorial and use them later.

3Collect free resources quickly

You should visit Grandma Glade’s frequently as you can find many resources which can be beneficial for your day-day tasks. In every 15 minutes you can get XP, nails, berries, etc. You can gain more resources by using farmhands and remain there for a while. You can find many rewards in a short period of time.

4Work for Eagle Eye Eddie

When you reach level 16, you can provide Eddie in the hangar at the side of the gas station with special items he requires. You will be rewarded in XP and stamps, within 4 hrs Eddie’s departure will be available. You can call him back for mega XP boosts if you can spend many keys.

5Upgrade buildings for maximum production

You can create double batches by upgrading your building and their structure to decrease wait time. You would require supplies to complete jobs and even upgraded buildings increase production time. You would require keys to complete this but there are so many benefits available and even your production time would be very quick.

6Play nice with neighbors

It is always good to add friends but getting farm neighbors can be very helpful in getting farmhands. They can help in completing many tasks and even speed up the growth of crops. Facebook friends can only send them and you can only use a few, but keep the in stock as they are very useful.

7Utilize farm hands successfully

If you have a money making strategy by exploring out and searching locations and use up the maximum number of farmhands available. If you’re in search of a special item then you should focus all your farm hands in one area where you can find it easily. This can help you completing searches and find the resources you require.


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