On the mobile platform Farmville 2: Country Escape is still an essentially an inventory management game. Being good at managing your products is your primary goal and the most useful method in advancing faster without having to fork over tons of real money. Failing to efficiently manage your products will put a big halt to your progress rendering you incapable of producing any more or receiving nay items. This will make you lose valuable time and you will also have to either cancel for new offers or just wait for your item to clear the global trading cache.

This why managing your items properly is the key to being successful in this game. The money making strategies and the entire leveling guide all center around this one idea.

Money Making tips and Level Guide Index

Here is a list of tips which can help you start up your game and level through the stages almost effortlessly. This index can guide you through jumping to the different sections in the game quickly.

Level Guide Index

  • Farm Order Management
  • Managing Your Barn Inventory
  • The Best Way to Use Your Keys
  • Leave 1 Unsold Good on Your Job Board When Possible
  • The Power of Speed Seed
  • Trading Globally and with Friends and Co-Op Group
  • How to Fertilize Your Friends
  • Use Double Farm Hands for Searches
  • Aim for Expensive Material’s Final Products
  • Be Social
  • Buy Keys with Real Money

Farm Order Management

In the beginning of the game Farm order is really easy to manage as you have limited products with many orders on things which you can sell. As you make progress and advance through the game, you will begin receiving orders which might prove to be rather difficult to handle. But, you needn’t worry too much because there are few strategies or techniques which can help you finish more orders.

1The time in which you finish orders

Prioritize finishing orders which are easy and leave the difficult ones for later. The games design also prevents two items from repeating as long as they still appear on the job order board. After all, you won’t want to turn in the hard ones and then have them refreshed again on your order board. This will only hurt your income and EXP.

2 Your item inventory should be kept low

You need to know that your job order looks at the items currently in your inventory and gives you jobs in accordance with it. So, keep your low level materials that mature fast as low as possible. Stock up on higher value goods to generate more money and EXP by turning in orders from low numbers of fast generation.

Don’t keep wheat, carrot, or corn in your inventory other than for your farm animal feeds. Instead, stock up on peaches, fishes and other materials of high value.

Any base material that takes less than 5 minutes to produce should not be kept in your inventory. This is one generic rule for the game.

3 Job Orders should be cancelled fast

If you have “hard” jobs which deal with high end items or items that take hours to get, cancel them fast so that you can renew your job orders to make room for job orders which you can complete sooner. “Stale” jobs are not worth your time as they only hinder your EXP and money gains in the game.

4 Be prepared with 1 “Ready to Turn In” Job Order

Keep one job order open while working on other orders to avoid having a barn inventory gridlock. Doing so will help you can unlock yourself by easily doing another job even if you mess up. When your barn is full of stuff, a grid lock happens which prevents you from starting any additional produce or collecting from farm plots.

How should you manage your Barn Inventory?

5 Don’t overstock on any one material or final product

You will run into a barn house inventory grid lock very easily if you overstock any of the material. Keep your low value materials count low by properly managing your inventory. Think of your barn storage space as money and manage it in that sense.

6 Make use of shovels and other tools right away

Clearing out empty spaces in your barn will ensure that you save as much room as possible. This will undoubtedly help you run your farm in Farmville 2: Country Escape very smoothly.

What are the best ways to make use of your Keys?

If you are planning to spend real cash on Farmville 2: Country Escape to purchase keys then make sure you use it on the right items. Here is one complete guide on how you should use your precious keys.

Upgrade your barn with keys

In early parts of the game, you can make use of your keys to upgrade your barn to increase its storage space. If you have a huge amount of keys then they will be a great help at the mid stages- level 15+. There will be tons of items which you will have to juggle with few final products which will be nice to have. Increasing your barn’s space with keys will help you unlock the potential of having a bigger inventory space.

If you need to upgrade your barn further then you may have to purchase some more Barn Nails and Barn Padlocks. These can be somewhat necessary in order to help you advance as fast as possible. It is recommended to first invest and upgrade your barn to 80 spaces and then see if you need more spaces past level 20.

Animal- Sheep Only

You shouldn’t use keys to get any second animals with the exception of sheep, since the cost of having second animals is set at a steep 50 keys. Keep your keys to use them later on other aspects of the game, if you don’t have any plans of putting real money into the game.

Since wool is obtained from sheep they are important produce animals. Wool is needed for crafting blankets which lets you enter the Merryweather Mine. One of the most important collection points after level 18 is Merryweather Mine. It produces high earning ores which are not available anywhere else

Here’s a tip to remember: Sheep is enough to carry you through the mine. However, you will require more than one sheep to produce more wool for other items.

To unlock additional animals you will require certain amount of keys:

  • 2 animals- 50 Keys
  • 3 animals- 150 Keys

Farm Plots and Trees

The first two farm plots can be purchased with coins but the third one can only be purchased with keys. However, most farm plots can be gathered quite easily, so you wouldn’t have to spend keys on them. In the third farm plot you can consider investing on some crops which take longer to mature like strawberry and peach because they cost as less as just 5 keys. But, as you level up, the cost of keys also goes up steeply which then makes them not worth it.

Farm plots purchased with keys still do require some delivery time. Here is the list of farm plots which can be purchased with keys:

3rd: 5 Keys
4th: 10 Keys
5th: 50 Keys
6th: 150 Keys


You can earn more money and level up faster by getting additional workshops with the help of keys. With more workshops you can manufacture more finished products after purchasing more raw materials from trading. You can then resell those finished products at a much higher profit margin. While the third building will usually be the most economical, the key cost will increase rapidly thereafter.

If your economy permits it then it is recommended that you get 1 additional building for all of your workshops. In case it does not then always get these three buildings before anything else, – Pastry Oven and Dinner Oven (as soon as they are unlocked). Get the Windmill after you obtain your second prized animal feed crafting. Other building which you deem necessary can be purchased later

Buildings that you purchase with keys also require delivery time. The number of keys required to purchase buildings are as follows:

  • Second: 10 Keys
  • Third: 30 Keys
  • Fourth: 60 Keys

Individual workshops can be upgraded with your keys to x2 or x3 mode. But, the time required for that is around 70% more than that of the x1 mode. This mode is perfect for buildings which you normally make multiples of. Having enough barn inventory spaces to fill up both of the orders at the same time is the trick to getting this done. This may not be easy to pull off if you have already spent your keys to expand your barn storage.

Keys are valuable and you should know what to use them on

There are several things which you shouldn’t even consider using your keys for because they are totally not worth it.

  1. Speed Up

You shouldn’t waste your keys on Farmhand searches, building timers, and Eagle Eye Eddie quests. There is no point in using keys to speed up any of the progress. It’s better to patiently wait and save your keys for something far more necessary.

  1. Area Expansion

It’s very tempting to use keys to quickly expand your farms, but if you actually do it then you’d only be wasting keys. Unless you are quite loaded then use it. Turning in orders will get you EXP and help you level up. Also, this process will save you enough coins to pursue the natural ingame progression.

But the only exception in this case would be that you are at the end game stage where it will cost a couple of million coins to unlock the area. So, for this it will be worth spending 500 keys to unlock the area. But, by this time you will already have enough resource buildings to let you simply cruise through the game and take your time in saving up coins.

  1. Last Minute Random Item Purchase

You will be prompted throughout the game to purchase the items necessary to start the process immediately. It wouldn’t be wise to go for such options as these items are almost always overpriced, so spending your keys on them will be not be worthwhile. Trading or crafting those items yourself would be much better than using keys for a one-time consumable.

The Power of Speed Seed

You can use Speed Seed to get your crops or tress to mature instantly. However, you should only use the Speed Seed on the plots that require lots of time to grow. At higher levels, when you fall short of cash, the speed seed can prove to be an awesome money generator.

Trading among Friends, Co-Op Groups, and Globally

A trading system in which you can place your items for trade has been incorporated into Farmville 2: Country Escape. Some farm item trading strategies can even help you make more money. These fall into the following categories:

Buying and selling other people’s goods

Use the upper right button when you are checking through the shops to see if people are selling things for cheaper. Buy goods that are sold for cheap and resell them right away to turn a profit. Trade items with higher “time value” like material that take more than 15 minutes. Dealing with expensive items will get you more profits and success.

Retailing for convenience

Selling your farm goods 1 by 1 gets you better odds, but sometimes people just need 1 more item to progress. For example, they may just require a Biscuit for Grandma’s Glade. In this instance you can sell the item for a fairly high price.

Item Variation

To ensure that people find what they are looking for at your farm stall, sell unique items. Selling the same items will reduce the chances of people buying any items from your stall.

Leave One Empty Slot

When you go into production gridlock, this tip can come in handy in helping you unlock your farm’s barn inventory. Although, if you are able to manage your farm well, then consider selling goods with all your stalls to make more money.

Quick level up

If you find people selling items at a lower price or below order price purchase them and resell them to the people who are in need of those items. This way you can make a ton of money or even level up faster.

How to Fertilize your Friends Farms

It is important to fertilize your friend’s farm plots and trees in order to get them to do the same for you. The fertilizer helps in doubling the crop yield. But, you should know how to choose the right farm to fertilize. There is no point in fertilizing plots which are growing wheat since their effects are really weak. High timer crops on higher end plots such as peaches are more worthwhile. With this in mind, go to your friend’s farm and fertilize their plots.

For Searches use Max Farm Hands

To search locations which are important to you, use your Max Farm Hands. For instance, before your first barn upgrade you will require nails from Grandma’s Glade, so use all your far hands to search for them in Grandma’s Glade. Similarly, for your barn upgrade 2 you will require the padlocks from the pond so employ all your farm hands to the specific areas.

Try aiming for Expensive Material’s Final Products

Aim to create the expensive final products to help you make more money in the game. So stack up on a few expensive materials and wait for someone to put up an order for them. As soon as the farm order asks for your entire stash of high end produce, sell them immediately to turn in a huge profit of gold coins.

Be Social

Having friends who play the same game will help you progress faster in FV2: Country Escape. You can get your friends to fertilize your crops and apply speed seed on them. This will help you increase your coins significantly. You should also be social and do the same for your friends. Not only will you be able to make more money but you will even level up faster.

Use real money to purchase Keys

The only thing to use your real money if you are planning to is to purchase keys. Use these keys wisely by investing them with additional buildings or on barn house spaces. When you are short of cash, then use these keys to make your crops mature instantly to harvest them to make money immediately.


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