Crops are absolutely VITAL for playing FV2. Without crops, you have no feed. Without feed, you can’t feed your animals. Without feeding animals, you will have a hard time collecting fertilizer. Without fertilizer, you will have a hard time BR-ing. It’s a vicious circle, I know. Here are some tips to help maximize your crop potential, and thus, your entire gaming experience.

Keep your crops fertilized

It can be very beneficial for you if you keep your crops fertilized while they are growing as they can double your rewards. You can achieve bonus rewards by saving your field space and keep upgrading them. The higher level your field is, the more points you can achieve. You can get heavier yield with BR-ed crops but it is pointless.

Organize your plots and fields

You should try keeping your field and plots organized, until you have achieved the Legend status in the county fair. You obviously don’t have the skills yet to efficiently water, fertilize and harvest your crops, thus you can have a slow progress. There is a very less chance that one would follow the concept of “Economy of motion” as they would run 3 times around your farm. This can minimize the amount of time wasted in making your farmer move around.

You should choose the crops you are going to grow wisely. You should grow crops which are essential ingredients for completing a quest or recipe. You should stock up on larder when you have no quests and keep BR-ing the other crops.

You don’t need to keep increasing plots

It’s not essential to keep increasing the number of plots you have depending on your level. You would require more fertilizer and water depending on the number of plots you have. If you can hardly tend to your crops, it is advised to keep a few number of plots. You can drain your coin balance by keeping a vast number of plots.

It would be a wise decision to grow BR-ed crops. There will always be a demand for pumpkin, strawberries, wheat, pumpkin, and other basic essential crops.

Make the basic recipes in your kitchen

You should make the basic recipes in your kitchen. You should not skip or leave the game until you have used up all your power. You should make as much flour, batter, butter, crates of eggs. These can help you in completing quests as some recipes have already been prepared. It can be beneficial if you complete as many quests as you can and it can feel very incomplete if some parts of your quest remain.

A crop which will be higher in price, will give you more coins after harvest. You can afford more crops as you get more yield form these crops. You can even feed your animals more which can even increase your fertilizer quantity. The crops you grow can be more prized if you fertilize them regularly while they grow.


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