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10+ Brilliant Tips for Playing “Farmville 2: Country Escape”


Farmville 2 Country Escape I quite a rage online. Here are 10+ helpful tips that will help you play the game in a more interesting way.

Save Your Keys for Upgrades and Special Items

Most online free games have a premium currency like Keys which are not as easily available as you only get them by paying real cash for them or special rewards. You should save the keys for purchasing special items or for upgrades only. It can be tempting to spend them on faster crafting and farming, but avoid doing so. Be patients and use your keys for things which they can only unlock.

Upgrade Your Barn and Silo ASAP

In this game, everyone has faced the situation where there is no storage space left in the barn and even your silo. You should upgrade your storage space as much as possible. You can upgrade by using your keys in an instant or you can even use nails, shovels and locks. These times are rare that you can actually use your keys for upgrading your space.

Have 2 of Everything

You should follow the scheme of Noah from the bible where he kept two of everything. You should try having two of all workshops like dairies, dinner ovens, pastry ovens and looms. You should try getting 3 windmills.

You should try getting 1 pair of all the animals like goats, pigs, sheep and cow. Have 2 farming plots of land for each type of crop and tree. This can help you in making money and crafting orders in a faster pace. You would have to use your keys at time, so now would be a good opportunity to use it.

Always Utilise All Aspects of the Farm

In this game time is the money so you should always keep your farm at work. You should always keep your animals fed, workshop in production, exploring of farm hands in various locations and growing trees, crop, fruits, etc.

  • You should check your farm frequently to check whether every farm space is utilized.
  • Take Advantage of Daily Freebies
  • In this game, plenty of freebies are available daily so that you can be rewarded daily.
  • You can get free products by watching 10 videos or ads.
  • You should spin the prize wheel. (If your Facebook account is connected, you can get more spins)
  • One chance you get to pan for products, but you can pan for more items using keys and coins.

Don’t Forget the Tool Shed!

You can produce 1 shovel in 8 hours from the tool shed at the price of ten coins. You would require many shovels in the game like for upgrading silo/barn, remove logs on new plots so there should always be an availability of shovels in tool shed.

Use as Many Farmhands as Possible While Exploring

\You should use as many farmhands as you can when you explore special places like Pappy’s pond, Merryweather Mine, Grandma’s Glade, etc. and complete all the tasks.

When you see a green circle around the rewards displayed at the side, this means that you will get these items while you’re exploring. If the circle is red or yellow, this means that you have a low chance. The more farmhands you have while exploring there will be green circles around those products.

In each exploration, try yielding as any farmhands as possible so that you can get more rewards in a trip.

Sell Extra Products

There are many ways in which you can sell excess products; they will be explained in other points as well. You should follow this rule of keeping only 5 pieces of the product. This can be helpful in maintaining the storage space

Increase the Price of Goods You Sell at the Market

Selling your goods in the market can be one way to sell extra products. In this market, other players can directly buy the stock from you.

You should sell your stock at the maximum price you can mark it up-to if it is being sold in the market. Select the good you want to sell and keep pressing the plus button till it reaches its highest value.

It may take some time for your goods to be sold, but someone will buy it eventually. Players would have to buy goods to complete orders which are timed and they wouldn’t bother about the price at that moment.

Get Instant Cash on the Farm Orders Board

In the market, you would have to wait for an actual player to buy your product. But if you sell the product on Farm Orders board, it will be sold instantly. You should check the board and look out for the items you need to purchase. You can sell many products to achieve many sale bonuses; they will be rewards like coins products and sometimes even keys.

Refresh the Farm Orders Board Until You Can Sell

At times, you may land in a situation where the quantity of the desired product isn’t sufficient to be sold in the farm orders board. You should select “x” at the top of the product and wait for at least 10 minutes till a new order comes in. Since there are no penalties for canceling orders, you can wait for new ones.

Keep an Eye on Your Quest Book to Get Easy Rewards

You can even earn good rewards like products, keys and XP by completing tasks given to you by the Quest Book. The Quest book has pretty simple tasks like crafting items, collecting particular items, etc. These tasks are something you generally do but you will be rewarded for them and you can earn coins by selling products which you don’t require.

Sell Goods on the Farm Orders Board to Complete a Task on the Quest Book

The Quest book at times can give you tasks to sell a particular item on the Farm Orders board. This task will only be completed if it is sold there and not in the market, silo, etc.

Use Your Speed Grow/Helping Hands to Finish Timed Tasks

If you have less time to complete a task, you can use speed grow to pace up the speed at which your crops are growing and in case of items, you should use your helping hands in the workshop. You should only use them when your task is time sensitive like for special events, etc.

You can join a Co-op or connect your Facebook to request for Helping Hands and Speed grow from your friends.

Connect to Facebook and Join a Co-Op

You should try getting more rewards, farmhands and trade goods from both Facebook and Co-Ops. Co-ops are even available without having to connect to your Facebook account. It is super helpful to be a part of a Co-op as you can borrow farmhands, request for goods, you can buy items listed by them, etc.

You can exchange gifts like Speed Grow and Helping Hands if you want to exchange gifts with your Facebook friends who play the game.

You can make a special account for playing Farmville if you don’t have any friends who play the fame and add people who are in search of Farmville friends and you should link that account to the game.

Participate in Special Events to Get Extra Coins and Items

There are many seasonal and special events provided by Farmville 2: country escape where you can participate. There are many special events between Christmas till Mother’s day where limited time objects can be crafted and you can hire animals and farm hands which are available for a limited time. You can participate in these tasks and earn many rewards like keys, products, animals.


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